Buy your property

The art of supporting you

Purchasing your property is a major project. It’s fundamental that this transaction is conducted in total peace of mind.

That’s why Via Capitale Art offers you a range of exclusive services related to your purchase. We guide you through all steps of the process so that you can profit from all of our advantages.

We have excellent knowledge of the neighbourhoods and regions you want to live in. We know the specific characteristics of each step and can guide you in consequence. Our experience goes hand in hand with a great deal of practise in negotiations.

We’re there to meet your needs, and we propose taking the time to choose the best high-end property in Quebec.

The art of representing you

Our affiliations with various networks, including provincial real estate boards and enable us to maintain close ties with other brokers and agencies in Quebec. When the time comes to represent you, you can count on our reputation with other industry players to negotiate in your interests, while respecting the real estate brokers’ code of ethics.

The art of reassuring you

We offer the following protections free of charge: (certain conditions apply)

Homebuyer Protection. It protects against breakdown of the appliances included in the sale, the plumbing, electricity or heating, for the year following the acquisition of your property.

Mortgage Protection. It protects you in case of loss of employment income for the first 12 months of your purchase. If you lose your job, Via Capitale will refund your mortgage payments and interest.

Legal Assistance will give you free access to advice from a lawyer in the year following your transaction. He will answer all your questions directly or indirectly related to real estate, but also several aspects of your life: travel, health and many others.

The art of living

Regardless of the type of residence you’re looking for: condo, single family home, a small farm, duplex, triplex or income property. Whether it is downtown, in a suburb or in the country, we will do the research and put our know-how at your service, to help you acquire the high-end property that will allow you to celebrate the art of living your way.

Selling your property

Quite an art!

Because the time and money you invested in your property have made it unique, we want to push you further with this singularity. For your benefit.

Art properties resemble their occupants, they’re original and distinctive. Therefore, they deserve customized treatment in order to find the best buyer, wherever that person may be.

The art of innovating

We’re going to work with you. You will really have a say in the marketing of your property. It’s through your point of view that the description of your home will be drafted and broadcast. We call it Owner's choice.

We will agree together on the style of sign that will be placed in front of your property.

The ties that we’ve made on the private and public social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest – will support our marketing, in addition to ads in the traditional printed media.

You will benefit from private access to the Via Capitale Art website at all times. The My Via section is reserved for you. You can follow all activities concerning your property online at the time that suits you: requests for visits and the number of clicks on broadcast sites. .

Your property will be listed on,, and several on As members of this international network, we can ensure maximum visibility for your house on one of the most prestigious international sites for luxury properties. Each year it receives 70 million visitors from around the world.

The art of supporting you

We were the first players in the real estate world to offer protections to our clients. You will therefore have peace of mind, thanks to Homebuyer Protection which covers you in case the buyer withdraws. (certain conditions apply)

Our commitment: above and beyond the tech tools that save you time and simplify communication in the sales process, is a professional, transparent and respectful relationship.